The national launch of the new style guide of the CCI was an opportunity for the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce to modernize its digital presence. After 4 years of collaboration with the institution, the challenge for MOONDA was to propose a new ergonomic and graphical approach while capitalizing on the previous technical developments, always adapted to the needs of the CCI. We took advantage of the implementation of the new charter to modernize the digital ecosystem of the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce, rethinking the paths of the targets and optimizing access to information: useful services, valued content, responsive website and newsletters , flat design clear and light…

In the benefit forms, we adopted the e-commerce codes to give a new dynamic to these services with high added value. We pushed the concept by designing a search engine that quickly identifies the services offered by the CCI and the packaged offers. Business services are thus made accessible in an efficient and optimized way. The dense and varied content proposed by the CCI has been restructured and reorganized. A way to work the image objective of the institution by creating proximity with all of its targets.

We wanted to rethink the social dimension of the CCI and we designed and developed a custom-made social network dedicated to regional players: iCCI, the company’s network. To enable the CCI to communicate on all the events it organizes, we have set up a dynamic calendar in AngularJS and a pre-registration platform for each of these meetings. Enhanced visibility !

Considering the energy retrofit of your home is a complex process… The online configurator of Bosch makes it easier to allow users to model their home and discover the best options available to them. MOONDA has taken up the challenge of boosting traffic on this online configurator !

Modernization of the roof, replacement of windows, insulation of exterior walls and ceilings, photovoltaic systems and heating technologies… we have decided to clarify the voice and focus on customer benefit from the online configuration tool: “100,000 possibilities for your renovation project!”

Because there is no single energy retrofit solution, each small island represents a different possibility for the end customer. The different visuals of houses allow the visitors to project themselves in their own project, according to their wish. Illustrative 3D processing is used to symbolize creation, projection, infinity. The counter represents the 100,000 possible combinations that result from a technical calculation.

Some supports allow us to animate the small islands and the counter, for more visual impact. For this 100% multichannel campaign, we have combined the impact of print ads, mailings, ad-editorial, banners and newsletters. And with an optimal search for efficiency, we have even realized local adaptations of this campaign so that every German region is even more concerned !

For its 120 years, New Balance had chosen to occupy the ephemeral space of the Citadium. Asked about creating traffic in the corner, MOONDA proposed a multi-channel device generating commitment. We addressed a broad target group by capitalizing on the brand’s global campaign “numbers”.

With our “Say it with Numb3rs” campaign, we proposed to the target group to express their personality through an emblematic number and to post it on a dedicated platform in order to be honored by the brand . A mechanics relayed in point of sale, on the web and on the social networks !

Access to social housing may seem complex, time consuming and tedious. So how can one explain such a process in a simple way? Our bias was to create an animated graphic with a voice over. In this video, we follow Antoine and Sarah in the different stages of the process: from the online request to the delivery of the keys of their apartment, Domofrance is there to accompany them. A playful and educational way to illustrate a specific case !

Every year, Haier participates in the biggest global high tech trade show. For the 2016 IFA, the brand wanted to generate a maximum of traffic, leads and interactions with the flagship products of the year 2016.

Our team has developed an intelligent and interactive device enabling a total immersion into the universe of Haier: a giant touchscreen paired with an attractive message suggesting to participate in a contest based on a well-known system, the one-armed bandit. This system, whose use was tracked and analyzed, allowed to generate trends on customer consumption and to increase brand awareness.

As part of the Tour de France in Sailing, FDJ has challenged MOONDA to create traffic on its stand and to federate visitors around a common passion: sailing.

The MOONDA team has designed an attractive tablet application that offers two opponents to compete in order to win a regatta virtually. Each participant answers a question and then plays a game of speed. Each correct answer allows players to advance their sailboats on a large screen facing them. To boost the visibility of the operation, this game was also available on the Facebook page of the FDJ Foundation !

To demonstrate its commitment to sustainable development, the Banque Postale wanted to offer a fun application to enhance its commitment throughout the Paris Conference on Climate Change, COP21.

Faced with a sense of helplessness of the population regarding global warming, MOONDA proposed to lay out the actions that everyone is able to carry out on a daily basis for the preservation of the environment. A web app with a responsive design, displayed on a large touchscreen, has given users helpful information and practical ideas to engage individually. This strengthened the strategic positioning of the Banc for All and the brand utility while communicating in a modern way !

To accompany vendors as close as possible during their business processes, ATC wanted to develop an application that could enrich their speeches at appointments as well as on trade shows.

MOONDA developed a web app with all the ergonomic attributes of a mobile application to allow a fluent and instinctive journey. By emphasizing on the interaction with the end customer, the agency proposed to work on specific functionalities of traceability, customer knowledge and optimization of the contact points of prospect/ salesman. MOONDA is proud to have set the foundation of an efficient and resolutely business-oriented digital marketing strategy.

While SNCF Réseau was putting the final tracks on the LGV Sud Europe Atlantic Tours-Bordeaux, the management also wanted to take the time and thank the entire team for its commitment during an internal event organized in Bordeaux. On this occasion, their wish was to integrate an animation that allows to collect the testimonies of the guests while also bringing an interactive and playful dimension.

The team of MOONDA has set up an interactive Guest Book that allowed the participants to their thoughts and experiences during the lunch with the provided iPads. Each of their expressions was projected on an immense screen that of course respected the corporate design of the SNCF. The messages were highlighted one by one and then were put together to form the label of the event. A moderation system in line with the SNCF’s requests was also put in place to prevent any slipping.


The Grand Junction is an iconic meeting for the ecosystem of Bordeaux because it establishes a direct link between the professionals of the classical economy and those of the digital economy through testimonies of local and international actors, conferences and workshops. For this year’s edition, 1600 professionals were expected to exchange around the themes of animation, transmedia and virtual reality. MOONDA’s mission was to digitize, boost and vitalize this vivid and rich debate.

The organizers were looking for a digital, interactive and entertaining animation to encourage the guests to react directly to the different conferences given. We set up a Social Wall which we projected on a 16-meter screen installed in the Palais des Congres. Challenge accepted for our responsive and therefore totally adaptable Social Wall. The principle? Value the messages of the visitors that appear after a modern visual animation, emphasize the photos and images shared on the social network Twitter, and boost the use of hashtag #LGJ2017 … Of course, moderating ruels had been put up in coordination with the organizers to avoid displaying any sensitive content.

A "liquid layout" for a customization of each site

We have created a simplified management system to produce responsive content across a single interface. In this way, each dealer is able to create and edit N content modules for ultra-customized graphic designs.

A strategic bias: A site generator for John Deere

We created an online communication platform capable of generating a dealer website design customized to each member of the network.

Editorial tracking and metrical analysis

We have set up a weekly editorial committee based on an editorial plan. We have also written an analytics tracking plan to monitor the performance and use of tools.

Graphical redesign of the intranet

We modernized and simplified the graphical interface of the Intranet while respecting the technical and functional constraints of the technical environment.

Animated infographics

We have proposed a new format of speaking internally that is playful, attractive and thus effective for the teams: video infographics.

Internal communication campaign

We have designed and created an unprecedented internal campaign to raise awareness among all employees of future optimizations.

Thematic content charter

We have developed a graphic charter to organize and thematize the internal communication of the Group. Objectives: clarity and pedagogy !

A post-audit action plan

While some substantive recommendations are long-term projects such as a editorial strategy, targeting, customization or internationalization of content, other recommendations were quickly put in place by the agency :

In search of meaning and ultra-personalization

While the precise results of the audit are of course confidential, the main trend that has emerged is the search for meaning and personalization of the content. We have submitted a detailed audit report specifying the areas of focus to work on as well as the operational actions to be put in place.

Le principe ?

Mettre en lumière de façon légère et ludique la solution proposée à un problème donné tout en développant la pédagogie autour de la marque-entreprise et le sentiment d’appartenance.

Le bonus de notre réponse

Une utilisation print, digitale et écrans TV sur sites de ce contenu vidéo.

The Legrand Group needs to diffuse a great number of news and hundreds of information internally as well as externally. But communicating with 35,000 employees is not always easy! Various departments wanted to draw attention of the teams for the launch of new products and services. MOONDA was instructed to draw the attention.

We designed and produced illustrated and animated infographics to promote the different launches. The principle? Emphasize in a light and playful way the proposed solution to a given problen while developing the pedagogy around the company-brand and give a feeling of belonging.
The bonus of our answer: this video content can be used for print, digital, and TV screens!

Business statistics beyond interactive animation.

Based on image recognition, the interactive application was the key to generate strategic statistics for Haier !

Thanks to our tracking system and detailed reports, the brand was able to obtain quantitative and qualitative data on the visitors’ product preferences according to their choice of post-it… and afterwards gathering even more general information about its targets and markets.

A fun application to boost interactions

On each of the 30,000 detachable papers was printed a product packshot of a product. The procedure for visitors? Remove the post-it of their choice, present the picture to the camera of a Haier tablet and try to win tablets and other goodies of the brand.

With Pick & Scan, the product is at the heart of the experience.

Visibility of the brand at the trade show, creation of traffic at the stand, generation of leads … To meet these objectives, MOONDA has decided to rely on a product-oriented system which makes it possible to attract visitors and keep the link with the brand even after the event.

We designed a giant wall of 600 post-it blocks, 30,000 entertaining opportunities for the trade show visitors to win tablets and other goodies from the brand through an interactive application and image recognition system !

Think smarter? Déploiement d’un community wall permettant d’animer les échanges avant, pendant et après l’événement.

To launch its now famous campaign “Chez moi on dit”, the brand of rich in magnesium water organized a press conference that was broadcast live on social networks. In order to encourage the commitment of the Internet users to the brand and the launch, they wanted to set up a central animation, entirely personalized to the theme of the event and favoring the virality of the operation through social networks.

By offering a Community Wall around the hashtag #ChezMoiOnDit, MOONDA has helped to boost the exchanges throughout the event and to increase the brand’s reputation on social networks. A conversational campaign for which Internet users have to… let go !

Animate a show of international importance

Every year in September, all home appliance professionals meet at the international IFA trade show in Berlin, the reference event for consumer electronics.
For Haier, it is the opportunity to present its latest products and to establish its position as european leader. The brand addressed MOONDA to design and implement the flagship digital animation of its stand.

Optimization of loading and rendering

For now limited to the scope of Apple tablets, the app succeeds the main challenge to load hundreds of graphic decors in a fluid and transparent way. The secret: store the minimum amount of information possible and above all optimize the rendering by removing the filtered elements rather than hiding them.

Rely on e-commerce codes

Access to the catalog is at the heart of the features offered by this iPad app. Our bias: capitalize a maximum on the uses thought for the site and adapt them to the mobile app. Thus, the whole range of laminated decors is accessible directly, like in the store online.

With a “tap” on the product sheet, a texture can be added to the basket for a free sample order … The user can even find the history of his orders in his personal profile! Modern e-commerce, intuitive and especially reassuring.

A hybrid application, a technical and strategic choice

The technology that propels the Polyrey iPad application? Angular in a Cordova container. Behind these technical terms is the strategic choice to develop a hybrid mobile application. While a native app takes longer to be developed for a single OS, the hybrid technologies be on quickly investing in several operating systems.

Design challenge: intuitive navigation

A very specific market, hundreds of sets, sometimes complex finishes, the main design challenge was to make in-app navigation intuitive:

Valorize already accessible content

The interoperability allowed by the technical choices previously created for the website made it possible to use the data directly. The iPad app automatically connects to the corporate catalog to display the entire 2017 Collection.

Beyond the availability of the corporate brochure, the iPad app is an additional opportunity for Polyrey to give visibility to its promotional video! Between stagings and presentation of decors, this video shares in 3’00 the universe of inspirations offered by Polyrey and directed by MOONDA.

Focus on pedagogy !

There is no reason not to apply the same pedagogical approach to children as to parents. Especially because teaching to code can give parents a feeling of helplessness against the technological innovations integrated by their children! We have therefore injected new content (tips, advice & FAQ) that allow parents to accompany their children !

The mission for MOONDA: rethinking this application Companion

The Companion application offered very useful but unclear and unattractive features for the user. When our thoughts were primary UX-oriented, leading towards end users, we had to keep in mind the business challenge: this application should be a bridge towards conversions.

Unique authentication to serve the experience

The iPad application works in total harmony with the corporate website that we have developed. Therefore, accounts already created on the website can also connect to the iPad app and vice versa, mobile users can therefore connect to the website. The same is true for accounts created for the extranet! A synchronization of accounts that guarantees user satisfaction.

Play'n'Code, a great adventure full of puzzles

Early Birds Studio is the editor of a video game that is getting a lot of attention: Play’n’Code. The principle? Be the support of fun learning of programming for children from 8 to 12 years old. This adventure video game, only available on computers for usability reasons, allows students to integrate code concepts while having fun. The startup was met with tremendous success and has rapidly developed a mobile application to accompany the parents of the wannabe programmers.

On the occasion of the digital week in 2013, IBM wished to have a community of experts react on the topics mixing business and digital. The mechanism was intended to federate and initiate exchanges.

To generate maximum reactions before, during and after the event, the team of MOONDA proposed to deploy a community wall around the hashtag #BizConnect13. Success guaranteed !

A hybrid app for the expert of decorative trends

For 4 years, MOONDA and Polyrey have collaborated to build the digital platform of the world’s leading laminate specialist. Following the design of the showcase website, the Polyrey Design Awards, the agency extranet and the promotional video of the brand, Polyrey called on MOONDA again to create an iPad application that is relevant to the ecosystem already in place.

How can this new communication medium be integrated into the existing digital ecosystem? Still respecting the requested strategic direction: working on the image of the manufacturer and turning it into an expert in decorative trends.

Modernize but preserve the universe of the game

Throughout our creative work, the challenge was to make the interface attractive and modern while retaining the mysterious and 3D world of the game. Therefore we made strong graphic choices.

The objective of the famous yacht manufacturer was to strengthen its digital presence by re-building its institutional site and its media site. CNB has assigned MOONDA to draw its new digital lines.

To meet the demand of CNB, MOONDA proposed a navigation concept that makes you want to travel. The team also made a particular consideration on the data sheet which, despite having very dense information, leaves room for discovery through its sliders, carousels, tabs and other ergonomic tricks. A website that invites both the discovery of the brand and the discovery of its magnificent products.

The first independent French construction group wished to offer a turnkey website to each of its subsidiaries and divisions. The objectives were clear: to facilitate the organization of the digital ecosystem and to strengthen the image of the Fayat brand by harmonizing the digital communication of the group.

Thanks to the site generator developed by MOONDA, Fayat was able to optimize its online presence and benefit from a dedicated website for each entity in the group. The autonomous management capability of all these platforms is a real competitive advantage.


KEDGE Business School, a reference management school, present with 4 campuses in France (Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille and Toulon), 2 in China (Shanghai and Suzhou) and 4 associate campuses (Avignon, Bastia, Bayonne and Dakar). In order to simplify communication between the different teams, the management wanted to develop an internal space that would give the same level of information to all employees.

By designing an ergonomic and highly intuitive intranet available to all users, MOONDA has helped to simplify communication within the institution. The fullly administrable intranet is made up of practical tools, a space that combines campus life and a feature dedicated to managing social networks. Sharing, exchange, open-mindedness… The perfect opportunity to give life to the “MeWe” label.

DIAM Cork is a world leader in the production of technological corks, enabling the greatest wines to maintain an incomparable sensorial neutrality. In 2013, the company, based in Céret, asked us to put in place an effective strategy for a social presence to establish its legitimacy in a high-end B2B sector.

We have defined a complete social strategy between target segmentation, social media selection and establishment of editorial guidelines. To monitor the e-reputation of DIAM and its competitors, the team also set up a weekly monitoring system. The creation of an editorial calendar for the publications with graphic templates and regular reports completes the social strategy. A support that is managed on a daily basis, for half a year of visibility and monthly planning.

With the Coke at Meals campaign, Coca-Cola hopes to seduce the households to enjoy the famous drink at meals. For this reason, the brand is partnering with Carrefour for an in-store couponing operation. A highlight to digitize for MOONDA !

MOONDA created the Generator of Good Times. An in-store touchscreen terminal that allows each consumer to configure his Good Times and immediately generate a personalized discount coupon, adapted to the occasion and the number of guests, associating a Coca-Cola product with a Carrefour product. A playful and light animation to boost sales !

A collaboration in the service of the brand utility

Polyrey wanted the eShop Polyrey iPad application to be a useful work tool for its prescribers and their own customers. Goal achieved with the provision of functionalities thought for professionals… and all this in a mobility situation !

The opening of a new shop is always an opportunity to experiment with new media. Why not take advantage of the inauguration of a new Longines sales outlet by digitizing it and providing the customers with quality brand content ?

MOONDA therefore set up a multitouch table on which customers could navigate in an interactive chronological frieze presenting its sports sponsorship actions of the past 3 centuries. The bonus? A small quiz about tennis to win cards to watch Roland Garros.

The directional pad as a symbol

Beyond the general design of the mobile interface, we have created its logotype as well as an application style guide. When the competitors positioned themselves on the symbol of the joystick, we opted for the directional pad in order to give the platform a clear but differentiating identity: capitalize on movement and action rather than support. Again, degraded background and inline processing fit perfectly into the brand’s corporate identity.

Our team worked on a native Android application that is characterized by the adaptability it must demonstrate :

A large-scale technical challenge

To carry out this project, we have collaborated with Docomo Digital, Orange’s historic partner. Mastering the catalog of partners of the brand, this specialist in the distribution of digital content and online payment has produced back-end development, while MOONDA has been charged with ergonomics, front design as well as front-end development.

Immersion in the Orange universe

As for graphic design, the challenge was to suggest a rich offer while quickly immersing the user in a universe that is 100% Orange.

Efficiency of features and clarity of offer

Our leitmotiv during the design workshops: allow users to easily locate themselves in the proposed dense offer!

Custom-made content for an optimal customer experience

For this unlimited offer, Orange has teamed up with the major game publishers on the market and builds on the capabilities of its networks to offer a wide range of games and a great customer experience. Sensitizing all targets to this rich and qualitative offer was all the challenge of designing Orange Jeux !

"Orange jeux": a new showcase for its unlimited offer

MOONDA is proud to present “Orange Jeux”. More than an app store, this new mobile platform is a strategic business contact point! It does not only offer a solid showcase for its unlimited subscription and its freemium gaming policy, the two key offerings of the gaming division but the app also marks the legitimacy of being the leader in the gaming industry, an essential component of its content and entertainment strategy.

Rebuilding the historical Orange Appshop

Orange came to MOONDA with the idea to redesign the Appshop, its historical store of Android apps and games. In the end, MOONDA was the one to convice the marketing team that it is worth to take on this challenge. In line with a successful first collaboration with the operator for the national launch of their unlimited mobile games offer “all you can play”, we were briefed for redesigning the shop dedicated to gaming.

A new brand and content platform

To maximize its visibility with individuals, it was necessary to position itself like a consultant that works with confidence or even like a niche of new trend materials. MOONDA’s response was to set up a whole new content strategy bringing real added value: “Les Bons Choix” (The Good Choice) by Bâtiland in 2016 and the “Cahier de Tendances” (Book of Trends) in 2017.

Seduce individuals... without forgetting the pros

The Bâtiland group has several dozen members throughout the South West of France. Harmonizing the communication of the network while leaving room for personalization for each sales outlet represents a major challenge for the brand.

Awareness, image, traffic, sales… the team of MOONDA is on all fronts to make Bâtiland simultaneously the expert brand and human brand that accompanies professionals and individuals in their construction work.

On the occasion of the Olympic Games held in London in 2012, FDJ wanted to animate and energize its booth at Club France and communicate on its commitment to the French sports world.

Through a multi-channel strategy, FDJ has been able to take advantage of a privileged space and give the voice to all supporters. Multiple sources of message collection support, an animation route via 2 large interactive video wall devices and a multitouch table: MOONDA has tweaked animations to demonstrate the brand’s historic sports investment. A digital mechanics that seduced the fans whether they are on the spot or connected with their social profiles !

Bordeaux Fête le Vin, its alleys, its thousands of visitors, its hundreds of stands… How to distinguish and make the stand of the Region attractive while also raising awareness about the greatest number of its culture, its heritage and its gastronomy? MOONDA was contacted to imagine and set up a fun and educational device for the general public.

Our preference: make visitors dive into the heart of Nouvelle-Aquitaine thanks to a box inside which videos highlighting places, landscapes, monuments and emblematic products of the Region were projected. Intermittently, graphic transitions and 360 videos came to rhythm the visual experience.

To launch the 200th anniversary celebrations of the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, an event gathering around 6,000 employees of the institution was organized under the monumental glass roof of the Grand Palais.

How can the numerous guests be united around this bicentennial celebration? Our bias was to create a playful application mixing selfies, dedications and projection on giant screens. Result: a fresco with the logo created for the occasion, hundreds of pictures and guests who got into the selfie game.

Launching a new range of tractors is a real business challenge. Competition is tough and demands are high. John Deere briefed MOONDA on the digital promotion of the new 6R, focusing on three major objectives: surprise, commitment and conversion !

We thought of the promotion of the 6R as an evolutionary experience built around a mini-event site and different phases to harvest qualified leads: teasing, reveal, recruitment for the European Drivers Championship … Based on an original and intuitive navigation system, the website has used short video sequences and attractive micro-interactions to energize/ revitalize/ renliven reading and enhance the “Machine of the Year 2017”. The intelligent and responsive implementation enabled an optimal mobile experience on the website.

Customers of the “Banque Populaire Aquitaine Center Atlantique” have the possibility to consult their account statements directly online, instead of receiving them by paper. However it is not yet used to benefit from… MOONDA was contacted to design a communication campaign encouraging the dematerialization of account statements !

Viewing your account statements with one click? It’s easy but it’s not obvious to everyone… Our bias for this new campaign: to show the obvious of such a reflex by proving that the dematerialization of the account statements is nothing but a logical development, following the image of Darwin’s theory of evolution. A clever mix of creativity and multichannel !